This page is dedicated to the Warshofsky Clan.

The Warshofskys fled Europe in the early 20th Century. The Warshofskys were Warrior Philosophers who invented the commonly used Gadordis Valve. This innovative valve paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. Used in just about every household product as well as automobiles and airplanes, the Gadordis Valve made the Warshofskys the envy of the continent.

With this great fame, came great responsiblity. Alas, the burden became too great and the secret of the Gadordis Valve was franchised. The Warshofskys then returned to the ways of the warrior (and Philosopher). Many people became jealous of the Warshofskys, which naturally led to them becoming the hunted. The Warshofskys fled from country to country, finally fleeing to America. Where they were to begin their new lives; as Pharmacists. Dispensing medication to those who needed may have been their profession, but in their hearts they were still warriors (and Philosophers as well). So after two generations in the land of freedom, the Warshofskys, at least some of them, trained to be lawyers. The modern culmination of Warrior/Philosopher. Battles to be done in pen and ink instead of sword and blood. Although less exhilerating, still just as rewarding. The inventive spirit had not been lost, for one descendent of Gadordis Warshofsky became an engineer. He is the one who will someday invent a tiny piece of silicon and plastic that will allow man to process great mathematical computations in fractions of seconds. And this device will be marketed and sold by yet another industrious Warshofsky.

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