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Summer_2005 in colorado
We now know what it takes for me to change this web page, a new baby in the family. Dan has lost that honor to the now famous


Here is a little bit of History about the Warshofsky clan for those of you trying to spy on us.

Do to security, we will never actually give you any useful information. So believe what you want and enjoy the links. Lastly, if you are expecting this to be pretty, just give me the code and I will add it, but otherwise, it just isn't worth it.

Operation Protective Edge

Here is some new stuff

If you want to get a hold of us here goes:
lucky (at) warshofsky (tod) com
david (at) warshofsky (tod) com
keith (at) warshofsky (tod) com
ninj (at) warshofsky (tod) com
moose (at) warshofsky (tod) com
mogly (at) warshofsky (tod) com
alex (at) warshofsky (tod) com personal web page

Misc -> The pictures are now mixed up, so here is a misc page that has many pictures.
sam -> He is going to skip right to binary, so pictures are the only thing he will understand.
daniel -> He can not read yet, but you an see pictures of him here.

Here are some picures of us, to save bandwidth I made them "clickable":

Boy, this was written about 5 years ago, and hasn't been updated in a while... A picture of Sam, the youngest Warshofsky.

Here are the cut up jpegs
A picture of alexjasonvail.jpg
A picture of jasonvail.jpg
A picture of momdadvail.jpg
A picture of alexvail.jpg
A picture of jasrichvail.jpg
A picture of alexvail2.jpg
A picture of keithjasonvail.jpg
A picture of davidvail.jpg
A picture of keithvail.jpg

Here are some good posters:


----------------- Quote of the month:
The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" (I found it!) but "That's funny ..." -- Isaac Asimov

I added this just so I could find out how few people actually look at this page a year!
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By the way, if youhave any suggestions or comments, please let me know! My email is alex (at) warshofsky tod com